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Look for the audiobook version later in 2022!


The life you are living is a reflection of what you believe you deserve. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your dreams come true? To wish for something and have it come into your life as if by magic? The magic is within you. Join irrepressible manifestation goddess, Sunni Boehme, as she travels from Milwaukee to Majorca, from Piccadilly to pardise, from Gothenburg to Golan, all the while fulfilling her wildest dreams of laughter, luxury, and love. Read reviews, excerpts, and how to buy the ebook to the right.

Mirror, Mirror: The Law of Attraction in Action

SKU: 978-0977384600

“Buyer beware! Sunni's freshness, creativity, and enthusiasm are contagious. Her books may be hazardous to your misery!”

--Jim Morningstar, Founder of the Schoool of Spiritual Psychology


Mirror, Mirror...flows with enthusiasm and energy. All of [Sunni’s] adventures are so exciting...What an inspiration! This book is certain to teach others the lessons of desire, gratitude, and joy.”

--Dorothy Layborn, RN


“Sunni has done it again! What Sunni wants, Sunni manifests. Read this book so you can too!”

--Deb Karpek, Reiki Master and contributor

Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul


“Sunni Boehme has the kind of spirit that moves mountains. She consistently turns dilemmas into d’lemonade’ in her stories of challenge and transformation. In Mirror, Mirror...she explains how YOU can do the same!”

--Jacquelyn Aldana, author of The 15-Minute Miracle


“Are you in the throes of a new life? Have you left a known terrain or a comfortable scenario to live on purpose?  Are challenges confronting you? Are you wondering, as I was, haven’t I read many books on Truth? Haven’t I gone to classes to learn Principle?  Or perhaps as I wondered: 

Haven’t I taught the truths of great teachers such as Ernest Holmes, Charles Fillmore, or a Master Teacher named Jesus?  So shouldn’t I be able to pull from my bag of  tools what I need to help me negotiate through a growth opportunity or what many would call, a tough situation?  Yet, for me, it was a new and wonderful book,  Mirror, Mirror... that provided a plethora of answers and insight.  


“Sunni Boehme writes in an easy to read manner.  You are not overwhelmed by the powerful Truth that she is effectively teaching, because you think you are simply reading about her.  It is not until yourah ha moments that you realize what has happened.  You have evolved and broadened your understanding of God in your life. Sunni clearly demonstrates just what the Divine has to do with her experience of a joyous life.  Through her words, the reader is better able to grasp how to choose, and then to live, a happy, exciting, and high quality life!


As you read Mirror, Mirror... you are pulled into a protective cocoon where transformation takes place.  The book demonstrates how you too can move through challenges so that you come out on the other side just like the caterpillar, a free, flying, beautiful butterfly.  Mirror, Mirror... reflects the joy and wonderful glow that Sunni continuously allows to shine through her. ”

--Rev. Jackie Atkins


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