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4 Levels of Conscious Creation

There are four levels of consciousness. Most people never make it out of level one and are condemned to suffer in this self-imposed hell of an inner world. Here are the four levels of consciousness: 1. Unconscious Unconsciousness At this stage you are not even aware that you are unconscious. You attract negative things into your life at a rapid pace, as if you have developed a negative ball of energy rolling down hill. Nothing is ever your fault and you are always looking for someone to blame. 2. Conscious Unconsciousness Here you are aware of your negative thinking and the consequences that it might bring. You might see your negative pattern and have become aware of what it is that you are attracting. You may not like what you are attracting, but you have taken responsibility for it. 3. Conscious Consciousness You deliberately decide to focus pure and positive thought on something and remove all resistance to its arrival. And, sure enough, it arrives. Your creation might be something as simple as visualizing a parking space opening up for you at the mall. You deliberately intended it, allowed it to come to you and acknowledged it when it arrives. 4. Unconscious Consciousness When you get to this point, you do not have to work so hard to create things in your life. You are a believer in how the mind game is played and you spend conscious time each day making your mind important. New creations come to you easily and quickly. You have built a positive ball of energy that continues to roll forward in your favor. People call you the "lucky one."

Example: People who watch TV stay stuck in Level 1--the level of drama/victim. It is a choice to take the time to learn and grow to Level 4…and it’s another choice to maintain it and stay focused on creating more good. If you want to get on the launch pad to get off dead center of Level 1, call me for an introductory coaching session (414-482-8971). Work with a coach that has 30 years experience as a life coach and trainer of coaches.


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