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How can your life get better?


How can a coach be a wiser choice

for you than a therapist?


As a coach I am always looking for what is RIGHT with you. We focus on your strengths and what is the best way to be rewarded for them in the world. 


Let's focus on your options, and open up the opportunities.


My name is Sunni and that means "seeker of the light." I have always been able to see the best in people and my greatest strength is helping YOU to see yourself in new ways that are lovable, and confident in your place in the world.


Have you ever had a non-judgmental and confidential friend who help you sort out some issues?


  • I am a partner who works with you as YOU develop and improve your personal and professional life.

  • I am a trainer to help you achieve your best on mental, emotional, and self esteem issues.

  • I am a guide to help you achieve balance between doing and being.

  • I am a deep listener for choice making and truth seeking.   

  • I have God-given natural intuitive gifts that help me to hear you at deeper levels to be able to sort out what is blocking you from more contentment and peace of mind.

  • I am trained in many other tools and techniques to "knock out the blocks":

    • Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) - to release fears, anxiety, doubts, and negative thinking

    • Connected Breath Therapy (Rebirthing breath)

    • Cognitive Therapy

    • One Command certified circles leader

    • Law of Attraction / Science of Mind practictioner

    • Masters Degrees in Integrative Psychology, World Religions, and Interfaith Ministry

  • I am a teacher to help you recognize which beliefs and behavior patterns block your and success

  • Mostly, I am a non-judgmental friend to be there with support, love, encouragement, and new resources as you take your next steps.


Let me aid you in discovering what truly nourishes you

in all eight aspects of your life.


In an initial discovery session we will take a look at all eight areas of your life and you will leave the session with some new options and ideas for how you can take action to make some changes in the very first week. 


As a coach for 30 years I know all the resources to help you speed up your transformation. (I don't have to know all the answers but I do know additional experts who can give you what you need. I will give you their names and phone numbers to help you leap to solutions.)


What are the eight areas?


1. Identity and Purpose in Life

2. Career

3. Finances and Wealth Building


These first 3 sessions reveal .......


  • Who am I ?  

  • What do I want to be valued for and get paid for doing? 

  • How am I wealth building for my security?


4. Health and Appearance

5. Home and Car

6. Fun and Leisure - Enjoyment of Life and Resources

7. Relationships - Romance, Family, Social

8. Contribution to Life, Spirituality, Connection to a Higher Good, Volunteering



Call now! Your Discovery Session is only $20.


You will leave the session with some goals and options for the top

three priority areas of your life or we can focus on a specific issue you

might be having at work or in a relationship.


You will leave the session with action steps that will get results the

very first week after our meeting.



"Test drive" the coach and enjoy the

connection and energy you will feel!


Sessions in person (in Milwaukee), by phone, or by Skype.

Begin transforming your life!
 (414) 217-4052
Master life coach Sunni Boehme
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