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Let’s all get over surviving and get on with thriving!


What's New?


  • Coming later in 2022: Oh Boy, More Joy! How to Get More of What You Want Now, a book about the manifestation process and true stories of the resulting joy, ease, and abundance.

  • Also coming later this year: Audio versions of Mirror, Mirror and Diary of a Turkish Wedding for Audible.

  • Sunnis collaboration with screenwriter Catherine Shefski about her time spent in Sweden, Red Cottage Christmas in Sweden, has been submitted to Hallmark.

  • Sunnis book Mirror, Mirror has been adapted for the screen and will be released as the movie or mini-series, Unboxed. Stay tuned!

Master Life Coach Sunni Boehme

Lights up Your Life! 

Sunni Boehme is a celebrated Transformational Action Coach, empowerment leader, and one of the nation’s leading experts on happiness, success, and unconditional love. Sunni is known as “The Manifestor Generator” for the blast of energy you’ll enjoy from just being in her force field. This energy amps up your ability to turn on your own “attractor factor” power. Clients call her the Joy Guide because of the joy they experience as they learn how to use the laws of attraction to “get what they want in all eight areas of life.”


Results begin almost immediately after your first session or class with Sunni. You will feel more energy and enthusiasm. You will start experiencing the world in new ways—including manifesting money miracles—as you release your old fears and remove the obstacles that have stood in the way of getting what you want out of life.


Sunni has an ability to see through your blocks and ignite the fire within needed to help you leap forward. Your personal concept will shift and you will find yourself to be more successful and deserving. What makes Sunni an exciting coach? Expansive life experiences! She travels the world, and each year does something completely out of the box to keep learning and growing, including flipping duplexes, building an international MLM, and helping clients launch their dreams and businesses.


She’s not only read the books—she writes the books and walks the walk of the “Laws of Attraction”! Sunni’s book Mirror, Mirror: The Law of Attraction in Action; Grand adventures on a Journey to Empowerment documents in her inimitable style her personal journey of overcoming fears and conquering the world during three years in Europe with one 40-pound suitcase…alone. She is also the author of Diary of a Turkish Wedding, and a contributing author in Emotional Wellness for Women III and Overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome.


Sunni Boehme is a citizen of the world, a businesswoman, a women’s empowerment advocate, a fun-loving adventuress, and a continuous seeker of knowledge. Her passion to understand human behavior has compelled her to pursue extensive international and domestic travel, and to study humanity in real life situations by living in diverse surroundings. She studied Islam while living in villages of Turkey and Pakistan, and Buddhism while living in Chang Mai, Thailand. She has also dwelled in major cities in the US (Dallas and New York) and Europe (Paris, Rome, and London). While in London, she trained to be a Life Success Coach from 1984 to 1987.


Sunni has Masters Degrees in Integrative Psychology, World Religions, and New Thought Philosophy and Interfaith Ministry. Sunni holds numerous certifications in various healing modalities: She is a Reiki Master, an EFT trainer, a Connected Breath Therapist, and a Science of Mind practitioner.


In her 25 years as a Master Life Coach, she has helped over 5,000 people achieve their dreams and has trained other coaches in an eight-session Transformational Action program. She continues to thrill at the successes of over 1,500 private clients. Currently, she is at work finishing her Doctor of Divinity degree, and writing the book Hope in Action, which consists of true stories of the hope and transformation experienced by her clients.


A frequent and inspiring speaker, Sunni’s presentations blend her fascinating true stories of overcoming fears and finding success in foreign lands with instruction on manifesting the life you want—putting your own knowledge into positive action. She helps makes it easier for you to get what you want…now! Sunni has a worldwide ministry helping people create lives that they love. She gives talks and seminars for businesses, organizations, clubs, and churches around the country and does coaching in person, by phone, and on Skype. She also loves to write customized wedding ceremonies.

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