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Join global adventuress Sunni Boehme as she experiences a whole new world—new cultures, new expectations, and a completely new perspective—in provincial Turkey, miles (and a 10-hour ride in a hot, dusty, and smoky bus) from the dynamic urban hub of Istanbul. Sunni is 50 years old and has married the man of her dreams. Out of love for him she journeys to his home village for his brother’s traditional Muslim wedding. There, her world as an independent and successful life coach and women’s empowerment advocate turns upside down when faced with rigid traditions, strange foods, unfamiliar behaviors, and century-old lifestyles. Watch the book trailer and read reviews, excerpts, and how to buy the ebook to the right.

Diary of a Turkish Wedding

SKU: 978-0977384624

"Your book was a powerful life lesson for me. I was feeling insecure about my future because I was putting my lover's priorities over mine and loosing myself. Your story helped me to see what I was doing and how I was losing myself. I now have new courage and awareness to get out and work to heal my soul and heart as soon as possible. Thank you for sharing. God Bless You."



"Diary of a Turkish Wedding is like the wonderful lovechild of Eat, Pray, Love and The Secret!” 

--Shannon Jackson Arnold, author, 

Flowering Wisdom: Inspiring Thoughts on Life, Love and Blooming Big


“A compelling story of inter-cultural marriage and the experience of how love drives us to perform beyond our own expectations. This book will literally suck you in and leave a mark in your memory. It provokes deep emotions to the point of tears.”

--Bobbi J. Klebenow


Diary of a Turkish Wedding is a study of love, heartbreak, and cultural contrasts. It moves from the deeply personal into the universal. I believe Westerners, especially Western women, have a strong desire to understand the culture of Islam: the veil, burqa, multiple wives, and more. We wonder about daily life in the Islamic tradition and have an innate yearning to empower the women we see in distant lands. ...This is an engaging personal love story, one of empowerment and a bridge that can help build clarity and understanding without condoning or surrender...This marvelous true story is a must read for all women of power, women who seek empowerment, and the men and women who love them.”

--Rev. Lisa Stewart-de Snoo


“What happens when vastly different cultures come face to face? How does love for others overcome these differences? How might self-love and personal choice triumph in one’s life, leading to peace and contentment? These questions are deeply explored in Diary of a Turkish Wedding. Through Sunni’s eyes we see how we, too, might navigate these questions. I found myself wondering if I would have the same courage, compassion, patience, and ultimately, the resolve, to live my own dreams.


“Set both in Milwaukee and rural Turkish villages, Sunni’s journey takes her into her own heart, always asking the questions How can I be loving? How can I be giving? How can I be kind?  We see Sunni completely out of her usual element as she lives with her Turkish family, and watch her transformation unfold in perfect divine timing. Her final question is How can I be my authentic self?  The story is wonderfully told in Sunni’s own loving way. Take the trip with her, sit with the questions, and see how you, too, might transform your life.”

--Rhonda Quirmbach

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