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How Can My Life Get Better?

How can my life get better? It will get better faster when you focus on your power to create the changes you want.

What will lift my spirits?

Share the wealth! Find new ways to recognize how wealthy you are. When you recognize that you have a wealth of resources that you can share and spread around it increases your prosperity consciousness.

Winter is the perfect time to...

  • Go through old magazines and throw them away, give them away, or drop them off at your nail or beauty salon for their use.

  • Sort through drawers and reorganize. Take control of the order in your drawers. It's empowering! Your lingerie drawer? Fold and put in rainbow order so it's fun to see in the morning.

  • Read books that you bought and never read yet. Make a plan--choose one each week then pass them on. Share the wealth and the knowledge.

  • Write a Facebook post about a book you learned something valuable from--that is sharing wealth.

Last week it was so bitterly cold that I chose a project for each day to make me happy and bring some light and joy to other people.

Most of you know that I am reclaiming my perfect health and have already released 40 pounds and increased the function of my heart valves by 10%! (My cardiologist was astonished.) It was exciting to try on all my slacks and give away six pairs. I also gave away four coats, eight tops, and seven pair of shoes (three of those I'd never worn and finally admitted that I never would). I felt wealthy and generous and so happy to feel space and room in my closet that I decided not to buy anything new until I release another 20 pounds.

I thrive on rewards and I've learned how to create my own reward systems so that I feel accomplished and totally enjoy the rewards of new clothes.

At the moment I am clearing out my winter clothes. In April I will clear out and give away all the spring and summer clothes that no longer serve my highest good.

Lots of my friends are happier because they have some different things to wear that serve them and I am so happy to see clothes that I have loved on them.

That's what makes me feel happy and wealthy.

Is that a whole new way of looking at wealth for you?

We are so richly blessed in the United States and I am grateful everyday for being an American citizen and not, for example, from Iraq.

Let's count our blessings and share the wealth and richness of our lives and our love.

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