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Are you aware that you are manifesting all the time?

We ARE manifesting all the time . . . ALL the time.

Good or bad things are attracted to us by our magnetic thoughts and unconscious beliefs.

Quoting from the book, The One Command, by Asara Lovejoy (pp. 29-30):

"We generate an electromagnetic field of attraction or repulsion with our thoughts through the release, from our endocrine system, of hormones and chemicals known as peptides. We generate electromagnetic charges with our thoughts that either attract to us or repel from us our experiences. Our thoughts travel through positive/negative receptors in every cell of our body and fire sequences in the neuro-net passages of our brain. These mirco-electrical charges formed by our thinking are real. They influence our reality by magnetically attracting experiences of like kind to us in either a positive or negative manner, or by repelling experiences from us. Our unconscious thoughts that operate below our conscious awareness hold great power over our lives as they are firing the peptide messengers that unconsciously drive our choices.

When we desire to be masters and we haven’t achieved it yet, there is a separation between the unconscious thoughts that are driving our choices, and the conscious thoughts of our desire. When we understand that every thought we think operates within us, below our awareness every moment, expressing out into the world and attracting information of like kind through the energy of our electromagnetic thinking, then we understand how we are creating our lives.”

One Command and manifesting classes meet weekly in Milwaukee. Call me, Coach Sunni Boehme, at 414-217-4052 to participate!

If the experience you want to create is that you always have more money than you need and plenty to share and take vacations and the past patterns in your life reflect that you never have money for vacations and you live paycheck to paycheck and often are in crisis about extra money to repair the car or dental expenses, then there is an unconscious belief that you never have enough.

To be able to break the old pattern and begin to believe your new belief of I always have more money than I need and plenty to share and take vacations, it takes conscious shifting of every old thought that is fear and lack based.

It takes raising your consciousness to BELIEVE that you deserve to have a better life NOW. It often takes EFT (emotional freedom tapping) to speed up the release of the old trapped patterns and fears and to leap forward into believing that this can happen fast and easily.

Pay attention to your thoughts and your words. Release the past. Change the thoughts that are rooted in fear and you will find your own empowerment.

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