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Asking...and Receiving! Updates from Our One Command Group

Oh, my! So much exciting news last night at the One Command group that I just have to share.

I love spreading good news around—especially when there is so much bad news on TV.

Last August, Gregg made a very strong One Command statement that he wanted to move to a warmer climate and another command was that he wanted some advancement and a raise in his career.

Well, HE GOT IT….a raise, a huge bonus that was retroactive, and now he’s been transferred to Phoenix, AZ. With moving costs paid. He found a great apartment in exactly his right price range. Now, his condo in Milwaukee is up for sale and miracles kept happening! It will be easy for him to have the work done on his condo to upgrade it and he’ll get a good price for it. Who wants a condo on the NW side of Milwaukee for $155,000? Call now so you can get it before he sinks money into the upgrade.

Julie moved to Milwaukee in September. Her One Command was about meeting great new people and making friends on her new life adventure. Last night she was glowing as she talked about the great people she has met and how helpful everyone has been. She stated that she has more really great girlfriends who are on the same wave length than she has ever had in her life. She loves the rich spiritual and wellness environment in this area. She is so happy that she made the move and she sees how her life is getting happier and more satisfying every day.

Laurie has made a total life transformation in the past three years. She went from being an employee to starting a thriving consulting business (and she’d never even thought of that for herself before the coaching sessions with Sunni). She now earns more money in eight months than she formerly did in twelve months. Once she realized that quality of life is more important than just earning more money, she wisely decided to take more vacations to enjoy more adventures with the fabulous and most perfect man she’s ever met in her life. (They’re going on two years of a nourishing and playful romance…that’s a great track record.)

Laurie is loving every minute of her new life. She loves that her consulting business takes her traveling while paying all her expenses for a few months at each location and she loves that every new location is a brand new adventure. She realized that she doesn’t need to be maintaining a condo in Milwaukee anymore so she put it on the market and in one day she got an offer for more than she was asking. She starting clearing things out and gave some furniture to a family she knew. When they asked how much money she wanted for it, she was able to say nothing! They were so thrilled that they offered to move all of the rest of her stuff when she is ready to move. And, the frosting on the cake: When she told her dear, longtime friend that she sold her condo and her plans for future travel, the friend, who owns a totally gorgeous, expansive home, invited her to move in. Laurie’s actually only in Milwaukee a few days a month so this is perfect.

Laurie kept telling us in the One Command group that her life is so much easier than she ever imagined it could be. She claims joy, ease, and abundance. She sure is living proof that life can be transformed in eight sessions with Sunni and then just a few tweaks and tune-ups each year to keep the good news rolling along.

Edna is thrilled with noticing that the type of client she is attracting has lots more consistent work for her and is able to easily pay for all the work. Major money manifestation is happening here. Yippie!

Debbie kicked butt with ATT and reclaimed $100 a month. She also looked at other options and found another way to save $35 a month. More asking and more money miracles!!!

The Universe is just looking for a way to create miracles in our lives.

All we have to do is ASK and watch how the magic happens…Pay attention and write it down.

The One Command circles are happening at Sunni’s home in Bayview on most Wednesday evenings, 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Call in advance because sometimes Sunni is off traveling on a miracle money manifestation trip! Sunni’s latest money miracle is a 5-day stay in Cabo San Lucas at a 5-star resort for $250 (total…not per day) and free airfare because of reward miles from her credit card.

You can buy the book, The One Command, by Asara Lovejoy, at Amazon or her website.

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