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How to Get Out of the Box and Embrace Your Freedom

Do you ever feel like you are in a box?

Did you ever evaluate the box you have created for your safety and security?

What does your box feel like?

Does it feel safe and predictable and comforting?

Some people like the safety of a very identifiable box. People like accountants, bankers, police, wardens, perfectionists, military, and organizers.

The creative kinds usually always live outside of the box, the artists, musicians, dancers, actors, theater people, and the true innovative leaders.

Does your box feel like an outside force is controlling you?

Fear of losing your job so you’d better stuff your irritation.

You and your spouse watch the same TV show every Wed. night and have the same dinners, and you are feeling frustrated and bored.

Does your box feel like you can’t even afford the heat bill so how could youpossibly plan for a vacation….and that feels sad …like you can’t afford to have fun?

You made a plan to have a safe and predictable life ….Good for you…but did you stop growing?

Is it now squeezing you and repressing you?

A nice safe box, but still there are borders and boundaries, and some people rarely investigate new adventures.

Those people need a creative friend to break into dance or song and bring out the playfulness in those of us who may be too serious.

Boundaries are good…having principles and morals and beliefs keeps life tidy and respectful.

Boundaries that are too strict can cause fear, resentment and judgment of others who reachbeyond…and look like they are having more fun than you are.

Boundaries and beliefs that are rigid can be limiting and stifling and can cause resentment…the “should” I should do this…. should see her….I should go to church.

This can have the effect of disconnecting a person from the empowerment of I want, I desire, I love to go to church, I love to meet new people and have interesting conversations.

What’s irritating you? What’s bothering you? What’s itching you?

When you allow your self to dig deeper and recognize the root of the irritation, then you can begin focusing on what you want to do to shift the energy and recognize what you really want to experience.

When you hear your mind being judgmental, jealous, or envious of other people who are having fun, then it’s time to open the lid on your box and find some fun for you.

Inside everyone of us, there is the divine child, and that child needs to play, be acknowledged, and nurtured, or we can suffer from poor me…they get to play and I don’t, rigid thinking, being judgemental, snarkiness, depression, and hate.

When you hear and feel that discontent, pay attention….it’s a signal from your inner child:

Let me out and play, or I’ll throw a fit.

It’s that experience of Divine discontent that can force you to finally take a leap of faith into experiencing adventure and more of YOU. Nudging you to learning something new.

Try something different and daring:

  • Take salsa lessons

  • When is the last time you rode on the bumper cars?

  • Let your children and your grandchildren be your JOY guides and get out and play.

  • Blow bubbles on a windy day with them, and watch how you will collect all the children from the neighborhood and have more fun and interaction for your children.

Sometimes I go out on my front sidewalk with my bubble wand and just create havoc on the block, and the children come from everywhere. It’s so fun!

What haven’t you done yet because your fear has been holding you back?

Have you made a bucket list?

Write down 60 things to BE, DO and HAVE before you die.

There a plenty of things that don’t cost a cent and can bring the most satisfaction.


BE Content.

BE Peaceful.

Have Peace of Mind.

DO…sleep peacefully for 7 (or 8 hours) every night.

These are powerful and important things that people forget to include on their bucket lists because we have been so programmed to WANT things that cost money. Programmed by marketing geniuses who focus on making us discontent.

Take back your power and claim…I now live in Contentment, Peace and JOY!

Now that is powerful. Nothing and no one can control your mind when you claim

that for yourself.

Did you see the movie, Bucket List? Did you immediately make a bucket list with your children and wife and friends. It’s a perfect topic to talk about when you are out to lunch or meeting for some wine.

Why spend time instant replaying what was on the news or what irritated you???

Be positive and uplifting. Lead the conversation into ….What’s on your bucket list.

Are you afraid to make a bucket list because of your money fears?

The divine Source/ the universe/God won’t send the WAY into your life if you don’t even think you deserve it.

Last year I had a major health scare and, out of $24,000 in medical bills, I had to pay my deductible of $5,000.

My fear was…oh dear I won’t be able to afford a vacation or cruise this year. I felt my heart sink and my disappointment...then I claimed my power to create my good with God. I turned that fear thought around immediately:

I know that God supports me in my good, that I am perfectly healthy now, and that the cruise will come to me in a miraculous way. I deserve it, and I believe in miracles. I know that I focus my energy on being a force for good, and I know that God always rewards me in miraculous ways.

Within 2 weeks, I won 2 cruises, 2 airfares, and a whole bunch of other things, $5,000 worth, for free!

If we don’t believe in miracles, we don’t attract them.

If we don’t believe we deserve them, then we surely won’t attract them because it’s against our belief system and...we have all heard:

"What we can conceive and believe, we will achieve." --Napoleon Hill.

Up until I was 27, I lived in a very tight box…a very tight Catholic box with intelligent parents who suffered through the Depression and were fearful and focused on security. God bless them…they did their best at that time and gave us a very good life, but it was a very tight box.

By the time I was 27, I had never enjoyed anything about my adulthood. I worked my way through college to be a teacher and then was afraid of the classroom and discipline. I worked for $400 a month for the American Red Cross...50-60 hours a week. I so wanted to do good.

I read my first book that opened my mind to a “greater good”--The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I began to get a glimmer of how life could be good, fun, and expansive, but first I had to release myself from my money fears and fears of living life and being adventurous.

I read Catherine Ponder's Prosperity book, Think and Grow Rich. It fractured my frequencies. I couldn’t even have a conversation about these books with my family...I still can’t but...I decided…yes, made a very conscious and clear decision that I wanted my life to be better, more fun, have more friends, more money, and more time to enjoy life.

I read and reread that book year after year, and I had to train my mind to a new way of thinking. I had to choose to give up…the ingrained victim “offer it up” and you’ll get a better place in heaven. I deserve love, I deserve to enjoy life, life is not just work and is joy, ease and abundance!

Choice is empowering…Choose to open up one side of your box and see the world

in new ways.

You don’t have to jettison the entire box …just lift the flap on one side and have a conversation with your spouse or best friend…or a new friend who might help you see things in a new way.

How could we make our lives better…instead of the old “ain’t it awful and scary in the world”?

How about some of these way our our lives could be better?

  • Go out to lunch and let that be the conversation.

  • Bring new light into your world.

  • Make a bucket list…

  • Go out to dinner once a week and then make a donation to become a member PBS, and they give you a book of two-for-one dinners. Double your fun! (Or go to

  • Watch more PBS or history channel and see the world in new and expansive ways.

  • We could go to movies once a week…then buy two-for-ones on Groupon.

When we give ourselves permission to feel empowered in our lives and to take action to enjoy life more, we become happier...individually. We are not just expecting our spouse or our boss to make us happy, we take the power...

I am the only one who can decide what will make me happy:

A clean car makes me happy,

a sparkling clean kitchen,

having my office in order,

sitting in my backyard and listening to the waterfall and the birds,

and walking along Lake Michigan.

These all make me happy!

What makes you happy?

Some people make it difficult. They think that only something they can buy or own or a trip will make them happy. When they can’t afford it, they feel disgruntled and submerge themselves into TV to escape...not all of you…in fact, probably very few of the people who are here because you are focusing your life on love and community…

But we all know someone who hates their lives and watch too much TV to escape. They give their power away. Their power to decide what do they want to do to make themselves happy.

You are the only one who can decide what will make you happy and how to give it to yourself.

THINK: What will make me happy today…

Well, actually driving a clean car will make me happy. I WANT a clean car...then you call in all the energy to clean it out and get it washed. You have already decided that will make you happy, and you feel happy. Ahhh...I love driving a clean car with the gas tank full.

People won’t need antidepressents if they write down what will make them happy each day and then take ACTION...ACTION is the only thing that cures depression.

I give myself permission to be happy today!

Hmmmm, what will make me happy?

Reading a box of old birthday cards or letters from friends. (I’ve done that when I was home alone on New Year's Eve. It was one of the best New Year's Eves I’ve ever had. I looked at photo albums and laughed and felt loved.)

One birthday, I was living in Arizona and had no friends around, so I read my diary from when I lived in London and traveled Europe for 3 years. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to write Mirror, Mirror, and let other people join me on the cosmic toboggan ride of getting out of my Racine country girl box and learn to embrace the world while overcoming my fears and insecurities...because I’d never been on a city bus or a train, and I bought a one way ticket to London, sold my house, and decided to

travel until I spent every cent. After 3 years of adventures, I came back with only $500 and started over.

What an adventure! I felt so grateful that I had lived that much life and had all those people in my life who sent me cards of remembrance and good wishes and traveled with me in Italy or Spain or had cook outs in Sweden and invited me. So many lessons about trusting that I will always be guided and taken care of by divine heavenly guides...and I was because I took the risk and had done my homework by studying all the great teachers of Unity and Science of Mind and Divine Science.

Now, I am here to tell about it and to inspire you, ignite you, or coach you to do

something new and different. You will like yourself better because you just became

more interesting and less fearful…by looking outside that box to find something

interesting, new, and challenging to experience or conquer.

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