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A New Year and a Commitment to Healing and Vitality

Tonight I've been reflecting on all the shifts, changes, and miracles from 2015. It's freezing cold outside and deep cold always stimulates me to dig deeper and clean out, throw out, and organize, and I have amazed myself with what I've accomplished this evening....while watching movies. Organizing drawers, totally emptying and reorganizing a small cabinet/table in my bedroom, trying on every pair of slacks and leggings in my closet and deciding to give away 6 pairs of slacks and 10 tops. How freeing and thrilling after releasing 42 lbs of excess weight! For way too many years I was the same size....too big....but it matched my attitude about life...ABUNDANT!

I remember the affirmation that probably caused the weight gain. I am an expansive and abundant woman.......hmmmmm, that's a lesson in watch what you wish for. I actually meant that I had an expansive mind and I was abundantly wealthy and expansively generous. Well, all of it came true, but too much of it on my body.

At the beginning of 2015 I knew that I was experiencing some scary and undesirable symptoms that I blamed on aging and sort of surrendered to it for awhile (family history issues). But when I could no longer enjoy dancing or walking my dog for as many blocks as I wanted to because of shortness of breath I knew that something was really wrong and could get worse. I got more and more scared.

My intention and affirmation at the beginning of 2015 was "I RECLAIM MY HEALTH AND VITALITY. I attract wise and effective practitioners to help me with my healing and wellbeing."

January 2015 started off with Dr. Deb Muth contacting me to teach some classes at her gorgeous Serenity Health Care facility in Waukesha. I was so excited to hear from her because I knew that she goes way beyond traditional medicine and won't give up until she finds the might be hormone imbalance or allergies or mineral weakness but she will get to the bottom of it. It was a gift from God that she contacted me and she started with all the blood tests to help me see some affects to my body.

(Dr. Deb had been a coaching client of mine many years before and her dream was to become a doctor and have her own healing center. It was so exciting to walk into her beautiful and huge space and hear about all the unique specialties she has to help people that other doctors have given up on. She is a powerful advocate for splendid health.)

The next gift was Cassandra Wind, who is an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine specialist and has a broad and varied background in all levels of the medical field. She understands all levels. We started on a series of acupuncture and it was really helping me with my shortness of breath, which would often get to the level of causing me great anxiety because I couldn't even sleep through the night with out gasping for I was drowning. She and Dr. Deb conferred back and forth to come up with a plan for my improved health.

You can say affirmations all day long but you have to take action to get the results. I reclaim my health and vitality meant that I had to find out the truth about what was wrong and take the action to make it right.

The vision and clear intention: I was willing to do everything on every level to reclaim my good health.

I wanted to feel younger and breathe free and have the vitality to laugh and walk like I did 20 years ago.

I saw a cardiologist and other specialists and still didn't have a definitive diagnosis until one week I overdid everything helping a friend with her wedding. It was way too humid and I couldn't sleep at night and rest and regain my energy but I kept pushing myself. I was eating wrong (restaurant food), had traveled a long distance to get there with an 8-hour airport crisis delay all leading up to.... too much stress!!! I ended up in the hospital with congestive heart failure.....and so much extra water weight in my body that I truly was drowning in excess fluid.

Finally a definitive diagnosis. Scary because I was told that my heart valves were not working properly. Instead of surrendering to what I was warned.....this could get worse and don't be surprised if you aren't in the hospital regularly for the rest of your life with this....blah, blah, blah......

I turned around and called in my genius team of Dr. Deb and Cassandra Wind and I committed myself to doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they told me to do. I wrote down every single thing I ate and Cassandra created a food plan for my Kapha (Ayurvedic) body type. Within three months I had released 35 lbs. I was feeling better and looking better every single day and now after five months I am continuing to stay on the program of nutritional herbs from Standard Process, following the "Heart Health" program, and getting acupuncture and nutritional counseling from Cassandra 2x a week and I feel better than I have felt in three years.

Each morning and afternoon I listen to healing music from Wholetones and I meditate and command my body to heal itself. I talk to my body like this for an hour: "Every cell in my body was created perfect and knows how to return to perfect function. I feed my body healthy, organic, and grass-fed foods and my body responds at peak performance to restore my vitality. I love my body. Every cell in my body loves me and responds to all the loving energy that I pour into my cooking and care of it. I give myself total permission to rest every afternoon for an hour and to get eight hours of solid sleep at night."

If I wake up I do EFT to restore my sleep immediately. (For most of my life I survived on four to six hours of sleep and didn't want to waste a minute of productive time in my life.) It's been a total retraining to give myself permission to rest and heal and take time to cook nourishing meals for my Kapha body type.

The deeper issue was chronic adrenal fatigue and only rest and proper nourishment can heal that. I battled it when I was 40 and again at 55 and now I am going deeper so that the rest of my life is full of vitality and perfect balance. I truly am feeling 15 years younger and I am jubilant about the progress I've made so far. This week....after the holidays...I was happy that I had not gained any weight--a major feat. I did some EFT (emotional freedom technique) to give me a jump start and break thru a plateau that I had held for a month and suddenly in the past three days I released another four lbs. I am on the roll again.

I totally appreciate all the miracles along my journey. The wonderful support and encouragement from my FB friends, My Spiritual Living of Greater Milwaukee community, and all the treatment and blessings and good wishes everyone keeps sending my way.

I know and totally trust that it is ALL part of the healing process. Learning to receive the professional help and guidance, asking for help and letting my self relax into sleeping more, telling myself that "the more I rest and sleep the deeper I heal," working less and trusting that I will still be guided and supported by Divine source. I know that I am guided every step of the way and I love this journey to Oh, boy, more JOY!

Thank YOU for your contribution to my life.


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