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Natural Heart Health Remedies

Thank you to Sharon O'Neil, NP, who loaned me the book 801 Prescription Drugs: Good Effects, Side Effects, and Natural Healing Alternatives. I read something in it every day to learn more about how to naturally support my body to perfect function and health. The issue...heart health, heart valve function, and high blood pressure.

Natural ways to heal: walking, low salt (I have found the most fabulous salt-free seasoning by Frontier, an organic, all-purpose seasoning blend. WOW! Flavor again...yippi!), vitamin C, and magnesium (caution if your cardiologist recommends could cause more problems).

When I had my hair analysis done at Langlois Vitality the results showed that my potassium levels were very high and my sodium was very low--not a healthy ratio. Don't just blindly take pharmaceuticals.....they have unpleasant side effects. Become empowered and MASTERFUL at claiming your health through healthy diet and walking. (I have a gazelle striker that is very easy on my hips and knees and adds grace and stress on hips and knees.)

I am using this challenge to get smarter about my health and to help my cardiologist become wiser about options. I let him know that I am researching natural healing to get me off pharma and he's willing to work with me as long as I take my blood pressure daily and send him reports on what I am doing. It is worth the time and energy I am putting into this journey as I know it will be helpful to other people I know and love. Let's get healthier hearts together. If you know something about heart health please share it.

I am getting healthier everyday and I am happy to help others to vitality and JOY. Good health is great JOY!


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