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The Top 10 Best Reasons to Have a Personal Coach

There are many wonderful things about having a personal coach to support and encourage you. Everyone who works with a coach develops their own unique working relationship with their coach. With lots of respect to the value you may get out of your existing coaching relationship, here are 10 of the top reasons I've heard from clients over the years.

  1. You get personal time to focus on YOUR concerns and priorities every month. It is a wonderful thing to have a personal, private, intimate, and challenging conversation focused exclusively on helping you move forward with confidence. How often do you get the support you need in daily life to be your BEST?

  2. Having a coach challenges you to play harder. Having a coach focuses your attention. It clarifies your goals and encourages you to aim higher. Your coach is your biggest cheerleader and at times the person you love to hate because they make you face and go beyond your procrastination and sabotage patterns. They keep you on target and tell you to stop whining about the past.

  3. You become more productive. You become more efficient, more effective, more results-oriented. Many clients work less and accomplish far more in less time, with less effort and with fewer false-starts.

  4. You become more honest about what you REALLY want/need. Do you want the promotions, or more time off? Do you want more money, more prestige, or more time to work on your novel, build your boat, or be with your family? Telling the truth (to yourself and to your coach) makes life much easier.

  5. You have fewer frustrations. A coach will challenge you to eliminate the distractions, the frustrations, irritations, and annoyances of life. They waste your time and energy, and they hold you back. Eliminate them!

  6. You’ll likely have MORE money when you invest in a great coach. How? You’ll simplify your life, take control of your finances, and live, work, and spend smarter. You’ll make fewer impulse purchases, have fewer unexpected bills, and stay on your budget effortlessly.

  7. You’ll clarify your values and live with greater integrity. You’ll discover what’s really important to you and devise a strategy for having more of it in your life. Caution: This may result in major changes!

  8. Your relationships will improve. You’ll speak with greater clarity, more confidence and more power. You’ll expect a higher level of intimacy, honesty, and respect from those around you. And, you’ll set boundaries so that your needs are met, while honoring the needs and boundaries of others.

  9. You’ll set much higher, larger, and more astonishing goals! You’ll simply aim higher and live larger. The daily grind will no longer be enough, and you’ll expect and pursue a life that is satisfying, fulfilling and challenging. You’ll understand that you CAN have it all--that in fact, having it all is just the beginning!

  10. Life will be easier and richer. Expect that, with a personal coach, your quality of life will be transformed. You’ll get up earlier, stay up later, work harder, play more, and do it all with a level of relaxed enthusiasm that is rare for adults. Kids know about it, but most adults have forgotten what it means to live and work with PASSION! Your coach will remind you!

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